Jungle Island
Jungle Island

The Whark Idol

Past the Fire Marble Dome is a path that leads to the Whark Idol.

The Whark Idol

The lamp on the right opens his mouth and reveals a staircase.

The idol's stairs

Up the stairs and inside the Whark is an elevator. Take it up to the top. Follow the path to the right; at the end there is a kinetoscope. Stop it with the button on top at this symbol.

Stop it on the golden eye, as seen on the sound orbs

It stops and opens the Fire Marble Dome.

The kinetiscope stoped the dome

The controls inside the now open Fire Marble Dome are useless without the code.

The Fire Marble Dome's Controls

Going past the dome, you see a small building, the Observation Tower. Go inside and sit on the throne. Operate the levers to close the bottom of the Whark Gallows.

The Gallows Open The Gallows Closed

Head down the elevator toward the Rivanese Village.


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