Stoneship Age
Stoneship Age


Climb the wooden walkway and take a look through the telescope. Take note of the compass direction of the blinking tower:

140 Degrees

The rest of the island seems floaded; the water needs to be drained, so start the pumps at the Umbrella's Crows Nest. The right pump drains the Lighthouse.


With the lighthouse drained go down the stairs. At the bottom is a chest, turn the tap on the side to drian the water, and close it again.

With the chest empty, refill the lighthouse by turning off the pump. Return to the Lighthouse and open the chest with the key.

Take the key from the chest and open the hatch at the top of the ladder.

Upstairs is a battery and hand crank generator; charge the battery fully.


Now you need to drain the tunnels; it's the pump in the center.


In Sirrus's and Achenar's rooms check all the drawers, this note, found in one, may become important.


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