Myst Island
Myst Island

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Open the vault by following the instructions on the torn note found in the Stoneship and Channelwood Ages.

As a whole the note reads:

Marker Switch Vault Access
Island of Myst
The vault is located in very plain view on
the Island of Myst, and access can be
achieved very easily if the simple
instructions are followed. First, locate
each of the Marker Switches on the island.
Turn every one of these switches to the
"off" position. Then go to the dock and,
as a final step, turn the Marker Switch
there to the "off" position.

Get the last page from the vault and head back to the library.

The brothers said to use page 158 inside the fireplace.

On the other side of the fireplace, read the green book with the white page, without the white page, put the red page in the red book, or put the blue page in the blue book.


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